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The Best High Performance Torque Converters

Our torque converters are among the absolute best you will find, and we add a wide variety of top-notch services to make sure you’re taken care of. We will fix originally-equipped converters regardless of make or model, offer fast installation, match stall speed, or even custom build you the type of converter you need. You can count on our experienced professionals to refurbish or rebuild any make or model!


Trust the Cost-Effective Champ Converters

When it comes to getting the best in high-performance torque, you can trust the professionals at Champ Converters, Inc.

• Rear Wheel Dragsters

• Pro Stock Cars

• Pro Class Cars

• Street Racers Torque Converters

• High Performance Street Car

• Stock Cars Racing




Remember, you can tell our quality by site. Our “signature copper” color tells you it’s a Champ Converter. Don’t skimp out. You should demand the best!


You’ll be amazed at the leg up our work will give you out on the race track. We are proud to always offer full inspection on your vehicle and our work, as well as our limited 12-month warranty. We make sure you’re taken care of. Champ Converters are igniting the racing world! They are unmatched in performance and quality and available nationwide today.

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